Critical Elements in Effective Copywriting for the Internet – Part 2

Today, we’ll discuss the second element in the five Critical Elements in Effective Copywriting for the Internet:

1) Know the Product
2) Know the Customer/Audience (Your Target)
3) Stress Benefits
4) Determine the Copy Objective
5) Build Relationships/Trust

Getting to know the customer/audience (your target) is paramount to writing (effective) content in any marketing material expecially the Internet. Hereafter, we will refer to the customer as the (target) Audience .

Studies have shown when a viewer enters your web site, you have about 4 seconds to grab their attention. With that time frame in mind, knowing who your target is and what they want to know is critical to keeping them on your web site.

Just as you asked questions as discussed in (Part 1) Knowing your Product, you must ask questions for understanding your (target) audience.

Who is the Audience (target) for this information? (Who will buy it? Who are you specifically selling to?)
What are their interests, background, experience, knowledge and education?
What do they have in common with each other?
What is their main concern? (Is it the Price, performance, how reliable is it, how is it delivered, quality-service)
What information do you have relative to addressing their concerns?
How can you solve their problem?
What motivates the buyer–“What’s in it for me”? (What benefit will they reap?)
How is this going to make a difference in their life? (How can you make their life easier?)
What are their “hot buttons”?
What does the Audience expect and can you meet those expections?
What is the single most important message you want the Audience to leave with?

In other words, zero in on your specific (customer) audience. Now hold on, I can hear you saying “My product or service is good for everybody!…I’m not interested in limiting myself or my product. Sell, Sell, Sell…that’s what I want to do”.

Targeting your market doesn’t stop or limit you from selling to people outside your target. Anyone who sees your product or who is interested in your product will have the opportunity to purchase your product.

What target maketing does is guarantees you a customer base that is interested (qualifed ) in what you are selling. These people are actually looking for you! Zeroing in on your target market is the beginning of your “niche” (small, specialized) market.

People love solutions to their problems. Let them know you can solve their problems and you can solve them quick! They have a question, problem, or need…YOU have their solution. Better yet, you ARE their solution. You want to be their source of information.

As mentioned before, you have about 4 seconds to grab your viewers attention. The more specific your questions/answers, the more “targeted” your customer.

Don’t misunderstand here, your content written for the Internet MUST be of quality and of interest to the reader, but if you don’t pique your viewers interest in the beginning, you most likely will have lost your viewer/customer.

Remember, your Major is in Copywriting, but your Minor is in Mining…digging for details. Keep asking questions.

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