Are You Over Complicating Your Business

Did you know that over-complicating things is one of the biggest hurdles we have to overcome in business? Well, I don’t know about you, but I can so over-complicate things!

It’s so easy to get started going in too many directions, doing too many things at once, which leads to overwhelm and frustration that we feel in our businesses.

Have you ever experienced this? I know I have!

In any business one of the first things we have to do is focus and find clarity to know what direction we’re headed in.

Today is not only almost the end of September, but we’re also headed to the last quarter of 2018. So today you need to look how you are in relationship to what you want to accomplish at this point to finish the year strong.

Are you tracking your progress? If you don’t know what you accomplished or how you grew during this time, how will you know if you are on target for your goals?

How have you done in growing your subscriber list? What about the number of Likes on your FB business page? How many followers on Twitter did you gain? How many webinars and blog posts did you do? How many clients did you enroll or products/programs did you sell? Did you reach your monthly income goal?

What are you going to do today, what do you have lined up this week or this month, to produce the results you want to see in your business? You need clarity and you need direction!

This has really been on my mind for myself recently and I thought….if it’s on my mind, I’ll bet there are others that are experiencing this “over-complicating, overwhelm and frustration” thing as well.

If you know me, you know I truly want to help you grow your business, your income, and to enjoy more freedom in your business!

We’re nearing the last quarter of 2018 but there is still time to make this a great year in your business and to grow your visibility for being seen with your marketing! Here’s what I want you to do:

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About Livvie Matthews

Hi, I’m Livvie Matthews, an online marketing business coach and solutions provider who loves teaching and supporting passion driven, motivated, coaches, consultants, and other small service business professionals 50 and over in the next chapter of their lives, how to create marketing messages for helping their ideal clients recognize themselves and then pre-qualify themselves for taking the next step – working with you. This makes the closing conversations much simpler.

I invite you to schedule a complimentary Visibility Discovery Call to help move YOU forward. Schedule your Free Session today!

When I’m not online, you can find me spending time with my husband. We’re empty nesters, live in Charlotte, NC and have 3 grown daughters, 2 son-in-laws, 2 grand cats and 3 grand dogs.

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