Are You Using The Right Mindset?

Online marketing and social media have changed marketing tactics more in the last ten years… than in the preceding 100 years of marketing!

Does this mean you need to pitch your traditional marketing efforts out the door in favor of online marketing and social media? NO…BUT you DO need to integrate it into your current marketing plan.

Understand: Social media itself, is not a marketing strategy. Social media is a promotional tool that’s needed in every smart marketers toolbox…and used to create marketing strategies.

Your mindset towards marketing strategies is one of the most important foundations you can develop for your business.

Your first priority is to get your own perspective in line. This gets you motivated to set and to achieve your important marketing goals and to work toward realistic results.

Without a positive mindset, when things don’t go your way it will be more difficult…and yes, there will be plenty of times things won’t go your way along the way.

To be honest, if you are in the beginning stage there will probably be more bad days than good days and having and developing the right mindset will help prevent a lot of headaches.

Successful marketing has a lot to do with changing your mindset and involves some self-analysis and soul searching.

Aside from knowing exactly who your ideal client is (that’s another session in itself) Your first goal is getting yourself ready to market.

Answer these questions:

  • What is your purpose?
  • How can you align your values with your prospective client’s values?
  • How can you develop deep and lasting relationships with your clients?

Changing your mindset goes so far as to determine exactly how you want to do business and who you want to do business with.

  • Are you doing something in your business you don’t want to do?
  • Is there something in your business you aren’t doing that you wish you were doing?
  • Are there current clients you no longer wish to serve (ex. problem clients)?
  • What do you truly desire for your business?
  • What do you want to change…what is your passion?

Seven Reasons People Won’t Succeed At Marketing:

  • Fear of the unknown
  • Not knowing who their target market/ideal client really is
  • Not knowing what to do
  • Trying to be all things to all people
  • Lack of time
  • Poor planning
  • Jumping from one program to another before completion

Many businesses have recognized the shift in how businesses communicate with their clients and each other using online marketing and social media, and yet they have not created a strategy for embracing them.

If you believe in what you do, you owe it to your market and your ideal clients to let them know what you offer. To not do this is a disservice to your market and your ideal clients who are searching for and need your information.

But marketing at 50 and over presents a totally different set of challenges for us because we weren’t born in this “smart phone” age and we aren’t always tech savvy. We need some help!

My goal for you: To help you fully understand what online marketing and social media is to you and what an amazing benefit they can provide for your business.

I have opened my calendar for some one on one Discovery Sessions and I would love for you to have one. These are Free and can produce some amazing results! Click the link and follow the prompts! It’s that easy!

About Livvie Matthews

Hi, I’m Livvie Matthews, an online marketing business coach and solutions provider who loves teaching and supporting passion driven, motivated, coaches, consultants, and other small service business professionals 50 and over in the next chapter of their lives, how to create marketing messages for helping their ideal clients recognize themselves and then pre-qualify themselves for taking the next step – working with you. This makes the closing conversations much simpler.

I invite you to schedule a complimentary Visibility Discovery Call to help move YOU forward. Schedule your Free Session today!

When I’m not online, you can find me spending time with my husband. We’re empty nesters, live in Charlotte, NC and have 3 grown daughters, 2 son-in-laws, 2 grand cats and 3 grand dogs.


  1. Marylee Pangman

    You raise some excellent points here. As a business coach, I see many of my clients without marketing strategies and then what I call the “shotgun” approach where they hit many methods inconsistently and without a plan.
    For me personally, I keep narrowing my approaches to marketing because I keep a part time schedule in my semiretirement lifestyle. Then of course the next shiny object comes along…

    • Thanks, Marylee! Yes, many don’t have a strategy plan and just shoot in the dark. Narrowing your marketing approach is an excellent idea for lasering in on your market. Yes, that next “bright shiny object” can really present a problem. Thanks for commenting.

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