Are You Using These Resources Free or Paid to Save You Time?

Working our business whether online, offline, or both takes time, money, and energy. Getting help through resources and services can help in many different ways.

Time is one thing that we can’t make more of, but we can utilize services and resources that will help us with our time management.

Often when we are just beginning or even when we’ve been in it for awhile, we do what needs to be done ourselves rather than pay someone and either way is fine as long as it is helping you.

Without using resources and services, working our business could be much harder and take a lot more time.

Some resources are online and some could be offline. We use them with our blog, with creating our graphics, creating our content, with planning and implementing, also with our accounting, social media posts, and so much more!

I thought I would share some resources that were recently shared in my FB group and I also added a few that I thought would be beneficial.

Resources and Services:

Calendly app and Time Trade:
Both of these are great online schedulers for appointments (I use TimeTrade). They cut down so much on the back and forth and saves time when your prospect can just go in and select a time that’s convenient to them to meet with you. Both of these are great time savers. Google it….there are more out there to choose from.

Aweber and Mail Chimp:
These are great providers for starting and building your subscriber lists. Aweber is a paid version ( I use Aweber) and Mail Chimp has a free and paid version. There are several more you can also Google to find.

Go Daddy:
Go Daddy is a good site for buying your domain names. They will also build and/or host your website for you for a fee. I personally prefer a web designer for creating my web sites but either is fine. The main thing is communication. KNOW what you want your site to look like, what you want it to do, and how you want it to do it.

Canva and Pixabay images and Pic Monkey:
These are great places for getting images to use when creating your post images. They have free and paid versions and some can be used together. I download images from Pixabay and upload to Canva to use.
This is for removing backgrounds from pictures. I haven’t tried it but I understand it works great if you don’t want a background on the image you are using.

Zoom and Instant Teleseminar:
Both of these and there are others offer the ability to have webinars. Zoom (I use) also allows you to meet one on one which is good for coaching sessions and get acquainted chats. There is a learning curve, but they both have great support.

Headline Analyzer:
This free resource is a must have if you write blog post, articles, or anything that needs a headline. It’s located at This way you can see how the headline you want to use ranks. Gives some eye opening results too!

An easy and affordable way to take payments online for your products and services.

Hootsuite and Buffer:
Both of these allow you to pre-schedule your social media posts in advance. This is a HUGE time saver when it comes to social media. You do need to go in and post personally daily and answer any questions or reply to comments that may have been made. These apps just help you with your posting…YOU continue to do the personal contacting and interaction.

This is an excellent way to send information back and forth without overloading your email. It’s online and can be accessed anywhere, on any device, and by anyone who has the login info.

As mentioned above, some of these are free and some are paid resources. Some offer free and paid versions.

Check out what each offers based on what you need for it to do. Many times you can check out the free version before the paid version just to see if you like what it does before you start paying.

These are just the tip of the iceberg for resources that are available to you. When you have something specific you need to get done and especially if you do it on a regular basis, ask in the groups you are in to see what others are using. Plus you can always do a Google search!

If you would like to discuss any of these resources, let’s chat. Select a time that’s convenient for you. It’s really that simple!  (See I just used the TimeTrade app)

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    I love this list of time-saving tools. I use or have used all but one of these. I can’t wait to try out Thank you, you’re always rich in resources.

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