EBook: Social Media For Service Professionals

Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Small Service Based Business Owners, Solo-Entrepreneurs

Get More Clients – Increase Your Income

Resources, Tips, Strategies, And “How-To’s” For Expanding And Leveraging Your Online Presence Using Social Media, Online Marketing, And So Much More!

Social Media For Service Professionals


Does this sound like you…

  • You need to market more effectively and get clients more consistently…
  • Social media and Online marketing holds the key, but seems confusing. You’re wondering where all the pieces go…
  • You know you need to expand and leverage your online presence to grow your business/practice, but where do you start…
  • You jumped in and you’re using Social Media and now you’re ready for your next step…
  • Social platforms, technology, and vocabulary… Oh My! You want to learn to speak the language of ‘Social Media’…
  • You know you could do this yourself if you just had a ‘How-to‘ …a ‘guide‘…to show you the way…


This is where I come in…

Hi, I’m Livvie Matthews, an Online Marketing Business Coach and Solutions Provider.  I was a 30+ year Dental Business Office Manager and I’ve been online since the mid ’90’s.

As a small business owner I know:

    • The stress and pressure businesses and practices are facing in today’s economy
    • The power word of mouth marketing presents to your business or practice
    • The importance of keeping your name in front of your target market for new clients and patients

Social Media for Service Professionals

        • That’s Why I’m Excited To Share My Ebook Written Specifically For Small Service Based Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, and Solo-Entrepreneurs   On Expanding and Leveraging Your Online Presence And To Bring All The Pieces Together On How To Get More Clients And Generate More Income Using the Power Of Social Media and Online Marketing!

Imagine How Much Easier It Would Be If You Knew What To Do, When To Do It, And How To Do It For The Best Results Possible!

In This 110 Page Ebook You’ll Discover Client Attraction Resources, Tips, Strategies, and “How-To’s” on Social Media, Blogging, Content Creation, and Online Marketing! Plus How To Draw Quality Clients And Patients, Build Loyal Followers,  Increase Your Revenue, and Much More… Using The Power Of Social Media and Online Marketing!

About using Social Media and Online Marketing…

  • You do not need to be a Techie/Guru
  • You do not need any previous online marketing experience
  • You do not need lots of money to get started using social media
  • You do not need to have a large data base subscriber list to start


Would you like to….

  • Attract/Draw potential clients and patients to you
  • Expand and Leverage your online presence
  • Increase your brand awareness and online visibility
  • Capitalize on the opportunities social media presents
  • Create a responsive opt – in subscriber list
  • Market your products and services with low cost to no cost advertising
  • Get thousands of dollars worth of FREE publicity

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, then you are ready for Social Media For Service Professionals!

In this ebook you will learn to:

  • Become the Pied Piper magnet of your market and ‘draw’ clients and patients to you
  • Learn how to connect and communicate with your viewers in real time conversations
  • Expand and leverage your online presence for more clients and more money
  • Market in a social world, because it’s no longer business as usual
  • Use Social Marketing and Social Networking – step by step – from the ground up
  • ‘Speak’ the language of Social Media
  • Gain massive visibility while building high credibility as you increase your market reach
  • Be viewed as a recognized expert in your profession
  • Build your opt-in subscriber list in the process
  • Increase marketing effectiveness while lowering your advertising costs
  • Generate more leads for selling products and services and doing business with you


And that’s just the beginning…

You are also going to learn Client Attraction resources, tips, and strategies to reach more of your market and  generate more revenue, even in this economy! Social Media for Service Professionals-Membership Program85% of US households are using social media for searching, talking, listening, and sharing. Your clients (many of whom would like to hire you) are there…your competitors are there….are  they finding you ? If you’re not online…you are invisible to that 85%…That hurts! Whether you’re new to social media, wanting to start, or advanced, the information in Social Media for Service Professionals, with in-depth chapters on how to use Social Media and Online Marketing for growing your business and to increase your marketing effectiveness, is for you!

Here’s how it works…

  • You will immediately receive your PDF ebook via email to your inbox with immediately actionable chapters with easy to  implement online strategies and  tactics that are proven to work
  • We’ll start at ground zero with Mindset: Marketing In A Social World
  • Then in each chapter we’ll focus on a different area: Identifying Your Market, Social Marketing, Social Networking, Building Your List, Product Offerings, Blogs & much, much  more!
  • You’ll receive strategies that you can put into practice RIGHT NOW.

This will likely be the most user-friendly and easy-to-implement learning system you’ve ever had.

Just $17. No catch. No long-term contract. Just $17 one time.

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It sounds good, but I’m still not sure, Livvie…

  • What if you get one new client or new patient… what is that worth?
  • How about an online presence, credibility, and authority that’s consistent with your business & quality of service…can you put a price on that?
  • Suppose you met someone influential in your market area that leads to greater credibility and more profitability…what could that be worth?

This could happen with ANY of the chapters included!! Isn’t that worth just one (1) $17 payment?

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Just $17? That’s it…Really, it’s that simple…

Yep…Simple…this ebook is simple to digest with simple to implement strategies and resources. Plus I love answering questions, if you need some clarification or have any concerns …if you need an answer, come over and ask on my Facebook page…and I’ll be glad to answer! (details will be included throughout the ebook) Each easy to understand, information packed chapter is around  7 – 10 pages long and does NOT require a lot of your time. Just read and implement. It’s really that simple!

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I look forward to helping you as you move into marketing in a social world!

Order today! …It really IS that simple!