FACEBOOK, Changes, and What to Know


Facebook announced a huge change and it’s really affecting your posts on your business page and how many see (and don’t see) them.

Facebook has said posts from your friends, family, and in Facebook groups will now be given priority over posts from Facebook Business pages. Yep…that’s right.

So let’s talk about what having a Facebook group means to you as a business owner:

1) If you are in any Facebook groups you will see those posts, since they are given priority, before seeing Business page posts.
2) That means if you want your message and your content seen as of 2018, you may need to start a Facebook group!

As the owner of a Facebook group, I can say they are an incredible way to build a tribe of like minded people, to create some solid relationships, to deliver value, and to generate leads for your business and sales.

However this doesn’t mean everyone should start a Facebook group.

Here are a few things to know and give thought to:

They take time: A Facebook group is not something you can just put up and expect to run on its own. For awhile all you hear may be crickets for engagement, but just keep working your group and offering value.

You need to be available: This is not a place to make an appearance once or twice a week… or even once a day. Be ready to be there. I’m in my group several times a day and if I receive notice someone has posted and I’m not with a client, I go right over and see what’s going on.

It takes consistency: Since you’re going to be here several times a day, you need to decide what you are going to be posting and how you’re going to post it. I use daily themes and images for posting each day, but I also create other posts for starting conversations. Whatever you do, make sure you are being consistent about it. If you are going to post every day then post every day….and post about the same time of day each day. Build their trust in knowing you’re there.

Absolutely know who you are targeting for your group: You MUST know WHO your target market is and your ideal client so you’re marketing/posting to the right people and providing solutions they need to their problems. Don’t be throwing a dart to a target and hoping it sticks. Know your market, through the dart and hit the bullseye!

Know what you want your group to accomplish: Even before starting, determine what you want to accomplish with your group. Then create your group description so members coming in will know what to expect in your group.

How are you going to attract members: Most of the time engagement doesn’t happen on a consistent basis until around the 400 members mark. So how will you be bringing in your new members?

Have guidelines for how you want your group to “roll”: This goes along with creating the group description. You want to create the group guidelines for specific “rules” for members to follow. You can put your description in the description area and then make a separate “pined” post for your Guidelines or you can include your guidelines within the description area. Either way is fine.

Know the format you want to use: Determine if you want to use daily themes, you want to just create some type of “how to” post”, even if you’re going to be doing Facebook Lives in your group. Also make sure you use plenty of images. You may even want to make or have made some specific themed images. Once you know what and how you want your group to do, put it on your calendar and schedule what days are what…posting, daily themes, Facebook Lives, Questions…etc. The possibilities are endless.

I truly enjoy my Facebook group! It has taken a lot of time, consistency, and I even changed may target market but it has been well worth the time.

I’ve met some of the most genuine, kindhearted women who are encouraging and lifting each other up, while sharing some great business tips and strategies.   They are amazing!

If you’re a female 50 and over and in the next chapter of your life, I’d love to have you become a part of our community and my tribe. We are building some solid relationships, connecting, and we’re learning how to laser in on your marketing messages and get more visibility for building your business.

You can find us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/marketingat50andover/ Just click join and answer the 3 questions! Would love to see you there!

If you have questions about starting a Facebook Group, I’d love to invite you to a Free Starting A Facebook Group Strategy Call.  Just click the link and follow the steps.  It’s just that easy! 

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