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Are You A Coach, Consultant, Or Small Service Based Business Professional Ready To Go To The Next Level, But Just Not Sure Of The Steps?

Are You In The Next Chapter Of Your Life And Finding Getting Clients, Branding Your Business, And Getting Your Message Out Is Harder Than You Thought It Would Be?

Would You Like For Your Prospects to Pre-Qualify Themselves For Taking The Next Step – Working With YOU?

Then I’m Inviting YOU To …..


This group training program was created and designed to help purpose driven women and small service based business owners, 50 and over, learn how to expand and leverage online marketing to get more visibility for prospects to take the next step…Working With You!

Maybe Your Dream Is:

  • A lifestyle of traveling wherever you want to go
  • Or a beautiful home and lifestyle for your family without financial worries
  • Paying off some debt or getting a new car
  • Maybe it’s the ability to give back in a big way
  • As simple as a successful business that helps make a difference in other people’s lives.

It’s Your Choice And Your Dream! 

You know who you are, what talents and gifts you possess, and you know your message you want to share with the world for making a big impact! But the truth is….creating a successful business isn’t an easy task.

Here’s what makes this unique!

You are in the next chapter of your life  and you’re loving it!   You have the experience, the knowledge, the solutions, and now you’re ready to grow your online presence and build your business! This is truly “Prime Time” for You!!!

As the online marketing coach for females 50 and over, my focus is on teaching you how to market to YOUR 50 and over market as you learn how to expand and leverage your online presence to get more visibility and to create marketing messages for helping your ideal clients recognize themselves and even pre-qualify themselves for taking the next step – Working With You.  This makes the closing conversations so much simpler. 

I want that for you, too…

This group training has been designed to include the best of my 30+ business years plus 20+ years online marketing experience; plus my social media business building and coaching expertise…all wrapped up to be shared with you over this short 8 week period.

I want to get to know you and your business and how I can best support you during our time together. I want to be involved with you and the group…so we can all grow and be successful together.   I am committed to partnering with you to get the results you want for your business.

You were put here for a purpose and the time to step up and share that purpose is NOW.  Not waiting for the kids to graduate, not waiting till you have more time, not waiting for another year, not waiting till you retire, not waiting till…… The time is NOW…..TODAY!

Give Me 30 Minutes – 1 Time a Week – For 8 Weeks And
Let’s Leverage Your Online Presence For Getting Prospects To Take the Next Step:  Working With YOU! 

6 Focused Training Areas

1. Increasing Your Online Visibility
2. Knowing And Reaching Your Ideal Clients
3. Lasering In On Your Marketing Messages For Getting Clients To Take The Next Step
4. 1 to 1 Coaching
5. Community – Building Relationships
6. Accountability

“I have gotten a lot of great information from this course, and it is presented in a easy to understand format. I am still on a learning curve when it comes to social media and technology and I found the content of the lessons to be very helpful. Livvie Matthews and her support staff are quick to respond to questions and help is always a message or email away. The worksheets are easy to understand and relevant to the material presented in the modules. Being in the private Facebook group gives one the opportunity to ask questions and interact with Livvie in real time. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to grow their client base and business, and isn’t that all of us?”

Michelle Collins
Sculpt Health and Wellness/Riverview

Imagine this…
  • You’re your own boss with the freedom to work when and how YOU want
  • Your office is your laptop and wi-fi… you can work from anywhere
  • You’re living your purpose and doing what you love
  • Enjoying the lifestyle you want with the people you love
  • Being able to give back in a big way
Let me share: How I got started…

For as long as I could remember, I’d wanted to be in business for myself, as my parents were, but just didn’t want to leave the “security” of a steady paycheck coming in (30+ years in the dental profession – front office)….Yes, can you believe I thought it was “secure” working for someone else?

But in the golden years of our lives due to an allergic reaction to his blood pressure medication my husband was diagnosed with end – stage renal disease – ESRD… (Kidney disease) resulting in his becoming a dialysis patient PLUS the reaction to the medication caused sever eye problems resulting in limited vision for him as well.

Add to that I had recently been let go from my job at the dental practice I was working in created a real shock! All these situations brought about many changes and adjustments in our lives.

But in January 2012 I lost my job and all that changed. I didn’t want to go to work for someone else, I didn’t want someone else controlling my salary, and I never wanted to be put in the position of being let go from my job again!! (I’m sure you can relate to that!)  NOW was the time to go into business for myself!

So when I came home, I began digging even deeper to learn everything I could about online marketing for becoming a client magnet and attracting your ideal clients for taking the next step – Working with YOU! 

Originally my focus was on monthly social media management for dental practices and other small businesses and creating their social platforms using online marketing.

But then I started getting questions from hygienists, business coaches and consultants…they weren’t sure how to connect all the pieces of the online marketing puzzle for creating/working their own business and the questions stared pouring in! They were experiencing overwhelm!

I discovered a talent for coaching other small service based business professionals and I wondered….what if I could take all that I’d learned and achieved in my 30+business years plus my 20+ years online experience and coach these women entrepreneurs to approach their online presence for their business in a totally different way?

I made my choice, set up my own coaching business, and I haven’t looked back!!

Again, what makes this unique:  My focus is teaching and supporting coaches, consultants, and other small service business professionals, like you, how expand and leverage your online marketing to get more visibility and to create marketing messages for helping their ideal clients recognize themselves and even pre-qualify themselves for taking the next step – working with you.

I’m enjoying being able to work from my home, being my own boss, settting my own schedule, and not have anyone else controlling me or limiting my income and… I want the same for you!

This is for you if …
  • You’re a female coach, consultant, thought leader, or other small service based professional
  • You’re already working your business but you need more visibility for reaching a larger audience
  • You’re passion-driven with a value driven message to share for making an impact
  • You have what it takes and you’re ready to go after the income you want, you just need the steps and support
  • You’re excited about being your own boss, creating your own schedule, and being able to give back in a big way
  • You’re ready to drop the excuses and know that now is the time for you to stop waiting, to step up, and to bring it on!!!

“Livvie, Your information you present is always very easy to understand and very comprehensive. It gives me a lot of inspiration, motivation and direction. The training sessions and worksheets are very targeted and I love how each module  builds on the next.  I work full time in a 9 to 5 job and can’t wait to grow my own business into my full time business.  I’m so excited to recommend you and your coaching.”

Kate Marshall

You’ll discover how to….

Module 1:  Define And Know Your Ideal Client 

  • Stop trying to serve everyone. Get specific and know who you’re meant to serve
  • Craft your ideal client profile
  • Get clear on your niche and expertise

Module 2:  Nail Your Marketing Messages – Speaking and Written

  • Focus on results: Know the solution you provide
  • Craft your compelling marketing message
  • Create your client attractive elevator speech and “pull” marketing questions 

Module 3:  Make Attracting Clients A Priority 

  • Define and get rid of those “Time Stealers” 
  • Cluster and manage client appointments and creating Business Development days
  • Create your Marketing Wheel and fish where the fish are

Module 4:  Set Up Priority Elements For Growing Your Business 

  • Build a client attractive “working” website
  • Your “Magnetic Free Offer” (opt-in) for list building
  • Create a simple client attraction sales funnel 

Module 5: Get Clients And Visibility With The Power Of Social Media 

  • Find clients in large numbers
  • Be seen where it matters
  • Social platforms, profiles, video, and live streaming

Module 6:  Step Into Your Authority With Webinars and Teleseminars 

  • Design your webinar around the solutions you provide while setting you up as the “go-to person” in your field of expertise
  • Create landing (sales) pages to attract your ideal audience with valuable content and solutions they are excited to receive
  • Structure your follow up email messages for keeping your viewers interested and ready to attend 

Module 7:  Schedule Strategy/Discovery Session Calls 

  • Set up your online automated scheduling calendar for making it easy for your potential clients to talk with you
  • Create a short application/questionnaire that lets you be prepared ahead of the call for what needs to be addressed
  • Discover some simple steps to help qualify your leads and moving beyond the “fence sitters”

Module 8:  Develop Your Client Converting and Closing System 

  • Discover how to feel confident during your strategy/discovery session calls for converting prospective ideal clients into high-end clients 
  • Learn powerful questions to ask next during the sales process without sounding sales-y or sleazy
  • Discover how to handle objections that still keeps the know, like, and trust factor for keeping a lasting relationship.
Why me…

I’m an online marketing business coach and solutions provider who’s on a mission to help female coaches, consultants, thought leaders, and small service based business owners, like you, get clarity in their message and more visibility for getting their message to a larger audience, get more clients, and have more freedom in your business.

It’s my goal to help you lay a solid foundation of more online visibility by expanding and leveraging your online presence for more visibility and creating marketing messages that have your prospects ready to take the next step…Working with YOU! 

We’ll do this through strategic planning, creative solutions, implementation, and accountability.

I’ll guide you down the path, step by step, as we explore your business, remove the overwhelm and frustration, burst through blocks holding your back, and gain clarity while we move you forward to building a successful business and being the best entrepreneur you can be.

As your marketing coach and cheerleader, you’ll have support and accountability every step of the way for achieving your goals and creating your dream lifestyle for you and your family. You’ll feel confident, powerful, in charge, and absolutely unstoppable.

Stop making those excuses and saying “no” to yourself!  All this is totally achievable and I’m here to help you make it happen.

“Great content. Teaches you so much to build your business or brand. Worth every moment and money spent! I highly recommend Livvie!”

Diana Perez Corbin


What’s included…

[8] Power Packed Training Modules
These will be our teaching and training sessions on the topic of the week set up on a Private Membership site. This means  with your busy schedule, you can access the training from your computer, your tablet, even your smart phone so the information is right there with you to access at our convenience.  You’ll receive the slide presentation and recording to review and to use as a reference.

[1] Private 1 to 1 Coaching Session
For those questions you don’t want to ask in the group, or for laser focusing and digging deeper on the specific topic, or for mapping a plan from where you are now to where you want to go, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule a private coaching session with me.

Private Members-Only Facebook Group
Receive feedback, support, plus additional coaching from me in a fantastic supportive community. It’s also a great place to connect, get to know, and build relationships with the other remarkable women in the group.

Stop those excuses and saying “no” to yourself!

Yes! I’m Ready To Move FORWARD, Livvie!

Full Price: $1,097

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A personal note from Livvie…

Hello Fellow Female Entrepreneurs,

If you’re reading this you may be on the fence and wondering “Is this Gateway to Business Freedom group coaching program the right fit for me?”

You’re the only person who can answer that, but consider this…

How would it feel to be in complete control of your life, scheduling when you work, doing what you love, you’re making a difference in other people’s lives, and able to give back in a big way?

What if instead of feeling discouraged and overwhelmed you’re able to let your uniqueness, your skills, gifts, and talents shine, shine, shine while making money in the process and experiencing more joy and more freedom?

Understand – You aren’t here by accident, you’re here for a reason.

This is your chance – Your chance to play in a bigger game, to stop playing small and being controlled by your fears. So stop those excuses and saying “no” to yourself…right NOW….and dare to move forward! 

It’s time for you to step up, to take control…challenge your “old stories” and write a new story beginning with your dreams.  This is not about an “expense”, this is about making an investment in your self-worth.

It would be my pleasure to welcome you into the Gateway to Business Freedom group program and have you become a valuable part of this exclusive group of purpose-driven women on a mission to make a difference, to make an impact, and to help you create your own Client Converting Marketing System™.

Give Me 30 Minutes – 1 Time a Week – For 8 Weeks and
Let’s Leverage Your Online Presence 
For Getting Prospects To Take the Next Step:  Working With YOU!

Hugs and more Freedom,

Yes Livvie, I’m Ready!

Full Price:  $1,097

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