New Year and Back To Business: Get Back In Touch

Often during the holiday season we “gear down” in our business or we’re not as productive as we are the rest of the year. So after the holidays and starting a New Year in January, what can we do to gear up for the New Year?

There are 5 specific areas we can work on for getting us back on track and in the working mode. I’ll be covering these areas each week during January so we can get back on track.

The first thing you can do is: Get back in touch.

It’s so easy to lose contact as we focus on the holidays and put our business on the back burner.

Making contact and creating relationships is the center of social media, developing relationships, and building your business.

Go through your list of contacts and reach out to each one of them.

This can be your current clients, prospects that have shown interest, your subscriber list, it can be your contacts on Facebook or other social platform, and/or your Facebook group or any other group you are admin in.

Wish them a Happy New Year, if you know about something going on in their life or business talk to them about it…pick up where you left off. Just let them know you are there for them if they need you.

This can be a telephone call, Facebook message on Messenger, or an email. How you contact them is not as important as the fact that you contact them.

This is not a sales conversation or a promotion of your product/services conversation. It is strictly a personal conversation to get back in touch and to wish them a Happy New Year.

What better way to get the ball rolling for the New Year than to reach out to those you know, have a short conversation, and to let them know they were on your mind!

If you would like some ideas on how you can reach out and connect, I invite you to schedule a FREE Connect Call. Just click on this link and schedule a time that’s convenient for you! It’s that simple!

Happy contacting…..

About Livvie Matthews

Hi, I’m Livvie Matthews, an online marketing business coach and solutions provider who loves teaching and supporting passion driven, motivated, coaches, consultants, and other small service business professionals 50 and over in the next chapter of their lives, how to create marketing messages for helping their ideal clients recognize themselves and then pre-qualify themselves for taking the next step – working with you. This makes the closing conversations much simpler.

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