How I Help

Online Marketing presents huge benefits to your business for magnetically attracting andlivviematthewsprofile literally drawing your ideal clients into your space.

But before you can “draw” them in, market to them effectively, and make money, you must have the pieces in place for online marketing and that first and biggest piece of the puzzle is YOU, because going beyond social media…YOU are your own “secret sauce”.

No one else has your skills, your talents, your experiences, and your approach to solutions to specific problems in your area of expertise…your market.

Whether through 1 on 1 coaching, group coaching, VIP Day Intensives, or the free content I share every week with insights and resources, I’m passionate about empowering you to succeed as you get more visibility for growing your business and gain more flexibility and freedom to enjoy the things you want by teaching and mentoring you to lay a solid foundation for getting your message out to a larger audience, and then teaching you to expand and leverage your online presence for more clients, more income, and growing your business.

We want your prospects and ideal clients to see you not only HAVE their solution…You ARE their solution!

How can I help you…

As the online marketing coach for women 50 and over, my coaching is unique because my focus is on teaching you how to get more visibility and to create targeted marketing messages for helping  your ideal clients recognize themselves in your content and even pre-qualify themselves for taking the next step – Working With You.

I accomplish this through either 1 on 1 coaching or through my group programs.

I love to work with 50 and over heart centered business coaches,  life coaches, and other service business owners, who are in the next chapter of their lives (and loving it!) bring it all together with their marketing for getting more visibility, more clients, more flexibility and ultimately…more income.

You have the knowledge, the experience, the solutions, and now you’re  ready to grow your online presence and build your business! You’re ready to achieve Your dream, have more flexibility, and create an amazing retirement with a better income.

You have been in business for at least a year and know the value online marketing presents to your business.  You  have a passion for your own success, ready to roll up your sleeves, and are ready to learn how to attract more clients, market more effectively, and enjoy more freedom in your business.

You’ll learn to:

  • Craft your targeted messages
  • Know your ideal client
  • Get more visibility
  • Make attracting clients a priority
  • Learn to fish where YOUR fish are
  • Put your business on auto-pilot
  • ….and that’s just the beginning!

The end result is you’ll expand your online presence, attract more ideal paying clients, and have more flexibility and freedom in your business in less time and with less effort, than if you do this on your own.

What is the first step for working with me?

To explore more on how I can help you or to simply find out more, let’s talk.

Schedule a complimentary  Strategy Session Phone Call. We’ll see where you are in your journey and where you want to go. These calls can produce some amazing clarity and direction!

I work with clients both locally and around the country by phone, Skype, Zoom, email, and online so location is not an issue. Click on this link now to schedule your call!

It’s That Simple!