What Does A Snake And Your Comfort Zone Have In Common

Yesterday my daughter was here working from our home on her computer. She is a writer and has to have things pretty quiet when she is writing, so the door to the computer room was shut and I was sitting in the den.

As I was sitting there the door opened very slowly and my daughter said to me, very calm and quietly, “Mom, I don’t mean to alarm you, but there is a small SNAKE behind this door!”

My reply was…. “A SNAKE!!!???…A SNAKE!!!!???” I must say it was not nearly as calm and quite as her statement was!!

You have to understand….I am extremely afraid of snakes…any kind of snake…even fishing worms. Poisonous or non-poisonous, it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t like snakes!!

So I’m like what am I going to do? How am I going to get this snake out of our house without it getting away from me and possibly loose in the house?

I ran for a shovel and got behind the door. After several attempts and dinging the back of the door and dinging the wall, I finally “stabbed” the snake and began dragging it across the floor and out the glass front door my daughter was holding open. The snake was wiggling like crazy!

I can’t express to you how afraid I was. I was screaming, my daughter was screaming, and we both were in a panic to say the least!

I was really concerned about how I was going to be able to get the snake pulled from the carpet, over the tiled area at the front door and then over the threshold to the outside without it getting away from me. I was “seeing” all kinds of possible problems!

As I got close to the carpet area ending and the tile area beginning, the snake reared up its head to strike and when it did, it put its head right at the blade of the shovel! I was then able to lift the shovel just enough to get the snakes head under the shovel as well.

Thankfully the snake slid right on over the carpet on to the tile and across the threshold without any problems. I was SO thankful.

I had always heard to kill a snake you had to sever the head. Once on the concrete sidewalk I started sliding the shovel back and forth as I proceeded to sever the head with the shovel.

Then, just to make sure it wasn’t “coming back” I severed the body in several areas!!! I made sure I was NOT going to have to deal with that one again!! Then I scooped the pieces up and threw them into the yard…DONE!!

So back to my original question: “What does a snake and our comfort zone have in common?”

Again, I am extremely afraid of snakes…any kind of snake…even fishing worms. Poisonous or non-poisonous, it doesn’t matter to me. I. Don’t. Like. Snakes!!

So dealing with this snake, I had choices to make and they were going to take me completely out of my comfort zone.

I had a choice to make:
1) I could leave the snake there and hope it would go out on it’s own (not happening) OR
2) I could tackle the snake issue at hand and get it out of the house!!

Obviously option #2 was the choice!

This is how it is with our businesses. We can take option # 1 and “hope” something good happens as we stay in our comfort zones and not get any further along than where we are right now OR we can push ourselves out of our comfort zone with option #2 and move towards getting the results we are looking for! The choice is yours….

What can you do today to move from your comfort zone and move your business forward?

If you would like to talk about some options, I invite you to schedule a FREE Comfort Zone Discovery Session. Just click on the link and follow the prompts. I really is simple!

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  1. Fran

    Oh Livvie, thank you for this powerful message. It’s a very important one for sure. The whole time I’m reading it I am relating to my own comfort zone when it comes to Palmetto bugs (here in Florida they are HUGE) Problem is, I won’t catch them and I won’t kill them. I just stare and hope someone will come and remove them or like you said, it will just go away. I do know that one day I will have to buck up as you did and break the pattern of immobility. Just like I have to do in my business! Thank you for this powerful message
    RIP snake

    • I’m so glad this resonated with you, Fran! It is so easy to rest in our comfort zone, especially if it’s “working” for us. I can say that from experience. But it is a very liberating feeling to get out of it and move forward. I would have a problem with those Palmetto bugs too 🙂 You can do it and I know you will, both with the bugs and with your business. I’m here for you if you want to chat! Thanks for commenting.

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