What I Know -VS- What I THINK Other People Know

Our mindset is a powerful thing. It can guide us in the right direction OR it can take us in the wrong direction.

As a solo entrepreneur or small business owner, one of the mindset issues we often we tell ourselves is:  “I don’t know enough”. I even have this run through my mind from time to time. When in fact you know so much more than you realize or give yourself credit for.

This comes right along with the quote “You can’t see the forest for the trees”. We are too close to ourselves (we are the trees) to really see the whole picture (the forest).

Several years my mentor/coach at the time, was talking and gave a really excellent visual of this and it has stuck with me through the years. As a matter of fact…I drew a picture like her image (the image you see…I’m not an artist) and I have it on the wall above my computer in my office.

It is a small circle within a much larger circle and very aptly says on the small circle: What I Know. And on the much larger circle it says: What I Think Other People Know.

This is a powerful image….as you can see it seems we know very little and we think others know much more than we do. This is such a true statement as to how our mind works. But it is also a powerful misconception and a very untrue statement in the reality of what really is.

You are unique…you have gifts, talents, skills, experience, and knowledge that others don’t have. Yes, you have worked the same position as many other people or in the same field as many other people…but they don’t have the same skill set as you and didn’t come up with the same solutions as you did.

Just like a roadmap….there are many ways to get to the same final destination. There are also many skills, talents, experiences and knowledge gained that may take a different route to get to the same final destination.  That’s OK!

What works for one/some…may not work for another/others. That’s why we have different fast food restaurants, different insurances, different houses, different cars, etc…. They are all restaurants, all insurances, all houses, and all cars, but what worked for one….didn’t work for another. We have different personalities and different preferences. Enter Choices!

That’s where you come in with what you know, what you have learned, your experiences and your knowledge ….your specific skill set, your personality, and how you worked out the solutions to the problems that you did….your uniqueness!! You have become a Unique choice!!

Don’t ever doubt what you know –vs- what someone else knows. Yes, there is always someone who knows more about a “specific area”….but not more about it “all”.

That’s how we grow and learn from others and expand on our skills and knowledge. It’s also how someone else can grow and learn from YOU!

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